Omaha Lacrosse Club encourages, cultivates, and develops the interest in and appreciation of the sport of lacrosse for youth in Omaha, Nebraska. As Nebraska's premier youth lacrosse club, we strive to advance the growth of both boys and girls lacrosse.

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Parking today - Avoid Baxter Arena!

OLC - Baxter Arena is having an event today and it would be best to avoid the area. Parking will be tight - use the parking lot by the dome off of Spring St. 

by posted 09/16/2018
Fall Season starts tomorrow!

Fall Season Starts Tomorrow – September 9th


Come at least 30 minutes prior to your start time to check in.


Check-in Process:


  1.  Verify your registration


  1. Turn in your $100 Work Bond check (or cash).


  1. Please write your player's first and last name on the memo line.


  1.  Get your Registration Sticker


  1. New players get your jersey


  1. 6U Players – get your stick & jersey


Reminder! Work bond checks in the amount of $100 (cash or check) will be collected on the first day of games 9/9. Please write your player’s first and last name on the memo line. Your player will receive a sticker for his/her helmet or stick verifying payment. We are asking for two hours of volunteer time per family.  Checks will be shredded at the end of the season if the hours are completed. We would much rather have your time than your money but understand it is not always possible. Should you be unable to complete the two hours your check will be cashed given ample warning at the end of the season. 


Volunteer Opportunities are posted! Click on the following link to sign up for volunteer positions. Or go to and click on Volunteering on the left-hand menu.  There are still positions open for tomorrow!


Volunteer Opportunities


If you do not see the time slot for your players game it means the position is full. More opportunities to be added!


Please remember we have an all-volunteer Board! Any time you can give us is greatly appreciated!


Looking forward to a great season OLC!

by posted 09/08/2018
Nebraska Premier Lacrosse Travel Try-Outs

Click on the link to register.

by posted 09/07/2018
Season Schedule

Welcome to the Omaha Lacrosse Club 2018 Fall Season!

Above you will find the schedule for the 2018 Fall Season. Each Sunday - September 9th thru October 28th - games will be played at the same time and location.  We do however, reserve the right to make changes necessary to the benefit of the club. There will be no regular season games the weekend of October 14th.  The OLC 10U, 12U, & 14U Boys will be traveling to Lincoln to participate in the Mid-Fall Classic. Ladies, unfortunately there was not enough interest from other teams to make a girls' tournament this year, but stay tuned! We have something in the works for you.  

Wondering who your coach will be? Our fall season is lesson formal therefore, you will not be assigned a specific coach. Instead, your player will have to the opportunity to work with a variety of coaches on a variety of skills throughout the season. Games for the 10U - 14U age level will have one hour of practices and one hour of game time. The 6U and 8U age levels will have a 1/2 hour practice and a 1/2 hour game.  Teams will be chosen in random fashion and will be different each week. 

What about that work bond check? We will again be collecting the $100 work bond check at the beginning of the season. We will hold your check until the end of the season. Once your family has volunteer 2 hours for the club your check will be shredded. If you are unable to donate two hours of time this season your check will be cashed. We would always rather have your involvement than your money. The OLC Board is made up of dedicated volunteers that love the sport but days get long without outside help. Please plan to come at least 1/2 hour early the first weekend to turn your check in to the OLC Info table and receive your season sticker. This sticker will be placed on your helmet (boys) or stick (girls) as your proof of registration. Volunteer opportunities are still being finalized. Once posted you will find them under the 'Volunteer' tab on the OLC website. There are many opportunities to become involved - you don't have to know the sport of lacrosse to lend a hand. 

Is it too late to register? Absolutely not! Go to and click on the yellow 'Register' button.

What gear is needed? Go to the OLC website and check out our 'New to Lacrosse' tab.

Where are games played? We play our fall season at the UNO Chili Greens soccer fields behind the dome. 

6808 Spring St. Omaha, NE 68106

(Just off 72nd St.)


We are excited to get the season rolling and have lots of fun in store!

Questions? Email is best!

by posted 08/23/2018
Fall Registration

Register by August 15th and SAVE!!

by posted 07/26/2018
Fall Registration

Fall registration is now LIVE! Come join in the fun!

Click the yellow 'Register Now' button to get started!

Sundays this fall

 September 9th- October 28th

by posted 07/17/2018